Vacuuming regularly takes away a bulk of people’s time. No wonder people tend to ignore it or delegate the chores. Nowadays, more people choose robot vacuums for regular maintenance and light cleaning when necessary.
The market for this industry is constantly growing as the companies are trying to impress the customers with the variety of colors, shapes, and functions.
Remember one straightforward and honest piece of advice: the best robot vacuum cannot be cheap! Let’s take a look at some top choices and find out why they are the best.
IRobot Roomba 960 makes a tiresome chore seem like a piece of cake. The Wi-Fi-equipped model has three stages of cleaning patterns and the advanced sensors which detect dirt to keep clean any type of floor. It navigates with the help of a camera which immediately maps the space to become efficient. A pleasant bonus to an excellent performance is the possibility to manage the bot with Alexa or Google Home.
Botvac D7 is just as good as Roomba 960 but its price is higher. It has wonderful navigation. What’s more, the owner can set the virtual barriers or the so-called no-go areas. The app allows choosing between various modes and suction level. You can discover the precise map and cleaning history there as well. Botvac D7 can be connected to Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Besides, it can work with IFTTT.
On the other hand, people who prefer not to spend much and still get a good deal, Eufy can become your best choice. The latest RoboVac 11S has some advanced features like a floor-plan map, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice control. It’s thinner than the earlier version and can reach some tough places. A regular remote control helps you change the settings easily.
For now, these are the best picks but this industry develops daily. Neato Robotics has recently revealed two new models with the most advanced features. The Botvac D4 Connected will have the laser room mapping. They also added virtual No-Go lines (meaning you could literally draw a line on the robot’s map which it could not cross). Another improvement will be the Quick Boost Charging. The bot will estimate the amount of energy it requires to finish the work and add exactly this amount.
Botvac D6 Connected will have a Turbo mode. The owner will be able to define zones which need more care and the bot will increase suction and brush rotation speed.