Do you prefer Word to PDF? Would you like to make the conversions faster? Then Onlineocr is to your service! It helps people to convert files from one format to another. The service is easy to navigate and useful.

It is hard to imagine our lives without computers and electronic texts. There are plenty of different text formats and apps helping to open them. And everyone has their own preferences. But if someone finds or receives the format they don’t like, it’s easy to change it! Onlineocr users say it’s fast and simple to convert PDF to Word. Are they right? Let’s check!

Three steps to reach the target

The process requires minimum efforts. There are only 3 things to do:

  1. Select the file and load it;
  2. Choose a language of the document and the format you want to get;
  3. Press “Convert” button!

The remaining work will be done by the website. Moreover, there is a possibility to do it absolutely free! However, the registered clients get much more from the converter; they can choose more output formats and operate with multi-paged PDFs.

What is OnlineOCR and how it works?

This service can operate with 46 languages, from Afrikaans to Ukrainian. Secondly, there are many input and output formats to choose from. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and others can be transformed into Word, Excel, RTF and more. And finally, this service saves all tables, graphics and other inserted instruments, so that they look the same as in the original.

This service provides us with many handy options and is easy to navigate. Everyone can make sure the website is worth trying and join Onlineocr to convert files in one click!