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Here are articles that you may find interesting.  Competence of individual authors varies.  They are provided for your information only. Food & Beverage | Recipes
The Most Nutritious And Tasty Diet Foods Posted By : Roy Thomsitt
When considering what to include in a weight loss diet, there are two factors that you should always consider early. The first is whether or not your chosen diet will be sufficiently nutritious to keep you healthy. The second is if the diet will be tasty enough to maintain your interest, rather than for you to opt out through boredom. It is possible to address both of these concerns at the same time by considering health food vitamins, and in so doing you may be in for som...

3 Ways To Cook The Perfect Rice Posted By : Noraini Maskuri
This article provides useful tips to achieve perfect balance when cooking rice

?It?s getting hot in here?? IPTV Recipes heats up Posted By : Jessan Dunn Otis
Do you know the saying, ?Too many chefs spoil the broth?? That?s so not true at, where home cooks, professional chefs, food enthusiasts and aficionados? have been uploading free videos, trading recipes and thoroughly enjoying the 100 % user-generated content.

Asian Equivalent to Western's Gooey Desserts - Malay Kuih Posted By : Noraini Maskuri
Little known Asian desserts which are equally decadent as Western cakes and puddings. Made from totally different combination of ingredients, these desserts called Malay kuihs are great as afternoon highteas or in between meals. Friends and family will be impressed.

Homemade Beef Jerky Posted By : Ray Torres
Even though our forefathers didn't know it, lean fresh meat jerky is low in cholesterol and fat and very high in protein, making jerky a nutritious and wholesome snack. Jerky is an excellent energy food when camping, biking, skiing, or anytime you want a light snack.

Grilling Tuna Steak For A Simple Gourmet Meal Posted By : James Smith
Looking for a delicious and simple way to grill up that fresh tuna steak that you just caught or bought from the local seafood market? Grilled tuna steak is a delightful and exciting entree for any special meal. There are various methods to spice up and flavor your catch, but today we want to talk about a popular method using wasabi powder. This unique spice is being used by many top chefs to add a special flare and flavoring to the tuna. Assemble the following recipe ing...

Potato Salad recipes Posted By : Dhiraj Bandurkar
on a picnic and miss your favorite potato salad, don?t anymore with the new potato salad recipe we are sure you will enjoy your every moment with it. For more salad recipes visit

Fresh Caught Fish Cooking Preparation Posted By : Travis Clemens
To maintain the delicate flavor of a newly caught freshwater or saltwater fish, this must be handled properly to avoid spoilage. Not to mention preserving the fish with pleasing odor. There are ways to properly prepare and maintain the quality just after the catch of the fish into a sumptuous fishmeal. Check out the tips below: 1) As soon as the fish lands avoid any contact with hard surfaces to prevent bruising. It should be washed immediately by hosing or bucket rinsing ...

The Food Lover?s Site I?ve Been Waiting For Posted By : Jessan Dunn Otis
If you?re like me, you grew up watching someone cook, from time to time. And, if you?re like me, you have your favorite foods ? call them ?comfort foods,? if you wish. Those recipes, that when cooked, fill the air with aromas that can only be satisfied by sitting down and savoring.

Vegetarian Cook Book Recipes Posted By : Dhiraj Bandurkar
If in the weekend barbeque your big question being a vegetarian is what to eat, get yourself the vegetarian cook book for innumerable recipes. For more information visit

Khao Chae - Essential of Thai Summer Dishes Posted By : Vipp Rongsit
"Khao Chae" is rice soaked in scented water and topped with ice. On every April gourmet Thai cooks are busy preparing their special cool-off dish called Khao Chae.

Article Directory: Food & Beverage | Recipes
BBQ Beef Can Be Enjoyed All Year Long Posted By :
Beef and your barbeque go together when it comes to summer grilling time. Whether you are grilling burgers, steaks or dogs, there is nothing like the taste of barbecue beef and the texture can compare to nothing else, barbequed or not.

Acid Reflux Recovery Diet and Recipes, Part One Posted By : Charles Stewart Richey
The key to acid reflux recovery is to eat only mild, easy to digest food until the esophagus has healed. The trick is to make it fun and delicious. I have listed a few of my favorite recipes that I enjoyed during my own recovery period. They can be made quickly and easily. I hope you can benefit from these recipes, as I did. Bon Appetite!

Salsa Is Good For You Posted By : Razvan Marian
Salsa is the most popular condiment in the United States. Its as healthy for you as it is versatile.

Lobster Makes A Tasty Seafood Dinner Posted By : Shannon Linnen
No one should miss the opportunity to sit down to a dinner of fresh shellfish. Living near a coastline would obviously be the easiest way to enjoy such a dinner.

Olive Oil Great Tasting And Good For You Too! Posted By : Lisa Fraley
The Holy Scriptures make reference to olive oil throughout and healthwise it packs a powerful punch! Did you know that replacing two tablespoons of saturated fats, such as butter and margarine, with olive oil everyday could actually make your heart healthier? Dozens of studies have been done on olive oil which suggest many more health benefits. In this article we will look at a few of them.

Valentine Recipes - The Italian Way Posted By : Dave Fooder
Italian cuisines are some of the most famous dishes appreciated all over the world today, so try to prepare some exclusive Italian preparations for special occasions.

Salmon - An Affordable Luxury Posted By : Andrea Flint
Salmon has a reputation as a luxury fish, but is nowadays quite affordable. Find out more about this versatile fish.

A Cook's Guide to Quick Meals and Desserts Posted By : Chris Robertson
Learn how to spice up your family meals with quick and easy recipes. Introduce new foods without spending alot of time or money...

Five Warm Weather Drinks for Parties Posted By : Daniel Z. Kane
Perhaps because I spend much of my day at a computer, I recently turned to the internet in search of delicious but not too difficult to make warm weather drinks for guests. In just over an hour I found dozens of great sounding libations, none of which I'd ever tasted.

Smoked Seafood: A Light Yet Delicious Meal Posted By : Shannon Linnen
One of the best courses to serve during summer is smoked seafood. For a light yet delicious meal, consider an appetizer of smoked oysters to start. These tasty treats can be bought in most markets as well as chosen farms that specially breed them to sell. If you are lucky enough to live by a port or in a town near the ocean, you will probably find oysters easily. Some may need to venture further away, but the trip will be worth it.

Ways To Cook Lobster Posted By : Nancy Clack
Lobster is a delicious dish which is loved by a plenty of people .While it is true that if you can boil a pot of water, you can cook a Maine lobster - you have to make sure to avoid over or undercooking the lobster. Here's some tips for steaming, boiling and grilling lobster.

Acid Reflux Recovery Diet and Recipes, Part Two Posted By : Charles Stewart Richey
The key to acid reflux recovery is to eat only mild, easy to digest food until the esophagus has healed. The trick is to make it fun and delicious. I have listed a few of my favorite recipes that I enjoyed during my own recovery period. They can be made quickly and easily. I hope you can benefit from these recipes, as I did. Bon Appetite!

The Real History of Salsa Posted By : Michael Sasaki
The Real History of Salsa and 2 Out of This World Salsa Recipes.

New England Clambake Posted By : Shannon Linnen
A New England clambake is a fun and different way to celebrate a special occasion. It is a unique festive gathering idea and healthy to boot. It is no wonder, then, that this traditional Northeastern celebration has gained popularity outside New England region as well.

Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese Posted By : Dave Fooder
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese are some of the tastiest preparations in the world. It is a special form of meat sauce that can be served along with a wide range of Italian cuisines.

Italian Preparations Posted By : Dave Fooder
Italian food encompasses a wide variety of traditional and modern cuisines. One of the main benefits that Italian food has over that from other parts of the world is its healthy constitution, so improves the overall taste.

Lardo di Colonnata : A Tuscan Delicacy Posted By : Andrea Flint
Lardo di Colonnata is a traditional delicacy of preserved pork fat from the mountains of Tuscany, Italy. Find out how it's made and how to use it.

Halloween Treats Posted By : Dave Fooder
You have to be prepared always for the Halloween nights. You may never know when the kiddies of your neighborhood ring the bell and shouts trick or treat.

Five Burger Recipes Guaranteed to Make You a Hero Posted By : Daniel Z. Kane
Everybody loves burgers cooked in the backyard. But, you can't eat the same old burgers all the time, so here are the 5 best burger recipes I could find. I have cooked and enjoyed them all. See how they sound to you.

Fruit Platter Posted By : Dave Fooder
Fruit is a big hit after a meal, especially when you are dinning with your family and guests. A fruit platter complements a full course treat. It is a delicious and beautiful serving where a large dish is decorated with various fresh fruits arranged in a pattern

All About Basil Posted By : Andrea Flint
Basil is one of the most popular herbs in use today. This article gives information on where and how it's used, and how to grow and preserve it.

Breakfast Posted By : Dave Fooder
A basic combination of breakfast is starchy foods like toast, pastry, cereals, pancakes and porridge, fresh fruits and yogurts. In the weekdays, most of the American people have a quick breakfast. But on the weekend or holidays they have a lavish traditional breakfast.

Dust That Crock Pot Off! Posted By : Michael Sasaki
Mix 1 Part Moms ol Crock Pot and 1 Part New Age Recipes and Youll Find Yourself with an Amazing Meal.

What to Make For Dinner Posted By :
I have a house full of groceries, but dont know what to make for dinner. This is a common problem for many people. Now, thanks to the internet, there are solutions to this problem.

Crock pot; so easy, so tasty! Posted By : Razvan Marian
When you dont have time to cook a delicious meal, grab some things out of the fridge and throw them in the crock pot.

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