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Animal Pets and Friends Articles and Website Directory: Fish And Aquariums
What Do You Know About Fish Tank Care? Posted By : Michael Saville
Some Facts and Myths about Fish Tank Care. Having an aquarium can be a source of great joy and satisfaction. People who have fish as pet find that they feel calmer and happier when they watch the aquarium. Fish make really great pets, and do not make hardly any demands on your time or any other resource. This is why they are considered favorite pets in millions of houses.

What Causes Cloudy Water In Fish Tanks? Posted By : Cris Stanford
Are you having trouble finding your fish in the fish tank due to cloudy water? There can be several different reasons for cloudy water in a fish tank, so let's take a look at the most common ones.

Photographing Your Fish Posted By : Steve Gunn
Fishkeepers often decide that they would like to take photographs of their fish. This could be for any number of reasons - to show their friends, to send to fellow hobbyists, to display on their web site, and so on. A lot has been written on the subject. I would just like to record the techniques and knowledge that I have found useful.

All The Secrets About The Amazing Goldfish Posted By : Dane Stanton
The goldfish is one of the most treasured creatures on the planet. Originally the Japanese marveled at their grace and poise and kept them as pets in their outdoor ponds. The outdoor pond however was and still is considered to be one of the most important features of the Japanese garden and a Japanese pond is not a pond unless there are goldfish in it of course.

Hand Feeding Your Koi Fish Posted By : Michele Miller
Koi fish are beautiful to behold, they are brightly colored and swim through the water with such grace and confidence. They are also quite entertaining. Unlike that little goldfish in your aquarium, Koi are very social animals. They love to be in large groups and will really put on a show at your next party.

North American Northern Pike Posted By : Molten Marketing
Northern pike, like many other species of fish, is indigenous to a colder clime. This particular fish, however, is mostly found in the shallow and cool freshwaters of Saskatchewan. Northern pike are well known locally as an easy catch, since they attack pretty much anything that comes their way.

Your First Cichlid Aquarium Posted By : William Berg
So you're thinking about trying cichlids. A good choice. In this article I shall try to give a few examples of good cichlid aquariums that are suitable for beginners. I've tried to suggest set-ups that will be beautiful and easy to maintain, and species that are easily bred so that you might observe this fascinating side of cichlid behaviour.

Setting Up A New Aquarium Posted By : Leon Huang
So, you bought your very first fish tank. And you probably already decided where to place it. But keep in mind that a fish tank filled with water is much heavier than it seems. So please, place it on something strong and stable. It is also advisable to keep your fish tank away from direct, or even indirect, sunlight. Long hours of sunlight will induce algae, something you do not want if you wish to keep your aquarium beautiful.

Swim And Be Seen In An All Glass Aquarium Posted By : Low Jeremy
Swimming colored fishes in a tank they say is therapeutic. Others believe that viewing fish or schools of fish in a tank gives you a calming effect. It temporarily puts off any worries that you have in mind. An aquarium is set to be the shelter of ornamental fishes. Plants that can survive in water are also placed in aquarium to augment its beauty as well as provide nourishment with fishes. One type of aquarium is an all glass aquarium, which has been well loved by individuals who have pet fish

Getting Started with Discus Posted By : Carl Urwiler
You've been to every local fish store in your area. You've spent hours online looking at Discus galleries. You've started thinking of things you can sell to pay for the Discus fish and aquarium set up. You've put your couch in the garage to make room for the aquarium. It sounds like you've been bitten by the Discus bug. Now, how do you get started?

Learn All The Secrets To Finding The Right Goldfish Posted By : Dane Stanton
Once you've decided that the Goldfish is the right one for you, you will need to find the right kind of goldfish. Take your time and find out more, rather than just rush out and buy the first goldfish you find in the first pet store you

Breeding Livebearers Posted By : Mike Magnum
Two of the more popular tropical fish for beginners has to be Guppies and Swordtails. Guppies and Swordtails are livebearers which means that their babies come out swimming. Like most livebearers, there is not much to getting your guppies or swordtail to breed. If you have a male and a female then you will eventually have a pregnant female. The gestation period for livebearers is usually 28 days but can range from 20 to 40 days.

Hatching Brine Shrimp Posted By : AquaFishTalk
Brine shrimp are small aquatic crustaceans closely related to freshwater fairy shrimps, Copepods and Daphnia. Freshly hatched brine shrimp nauplii have a lipid-rich yolk, high in unsaturated fatty acids. Due to this nutritious yolk, brine shrimp nauplii have become the standard food for larval fish in the aquaculture industry. Brine shrimp can live in freshwater for around 5 hours before they die, making them an ideal live food for many aquarium fishes. brine shrimp hatchery brine shrimp hatche

Freshwater Fish Aquarium Basics Posted By : Bob Evanston
Compared to saltwater fish, freshwater fish are much easier to care for. Freshwater fish are usually hardier. To begin, you will need a correctly set up aquarium, which includes a tank, and rocks or substrate on the bottom of the tank. Also needed is lighting and a filter.

Caring for Bubble Coral in an Aquarium Posted By : Online Audio Books
As more and more people set up saltwater aquariums, more are also adding coral to the decor. As with any living thing, it is best to understand the creature and how to care for it properly before bringing it home. Coral is no different as it is a live animal that you will be adding to your tank. The care and maintenance of coral should be well understood before making the final decision to add this beautiful animal to your aquarium.

Basic Marine aquarium setup Posted By : markyfish
A basic guide to saltwater and marine aquarium setup

Information you should know about salt water aquariums Posted By : Roger Gordon
Anyone who has had an aquarium knows that algae is unavoidable. It is just one of the things that fish owners, both salt and freshwater, have to deal with on a regular basis.There are four main variety's of algae; green algae, brown algae, red-brush algae, and blue green algae.

Fish That Clean Your Aquarium For You Posted By : Lee Dobbins
Maintaining an aquarium can be an ongoing task but you can lighten the load of little bit by buying fish and other creatures that you part of the work for you. These fish are scavengers that feed on the any food on the bottom of the crater rim as well as the algae. When buying these kinds of fish you need to be careful of the kind that you buy us some can exist peacefully with your other fish while others will attack them.

Basics Of Saltwater Tropical Fish Posted By : Yvonne Volante
Some folks believe that the saltwater tropical fish aquariums look better than the freshwater aquariums. But are they? Which do you like? The answer lies in the fish! Saltwater or marine aquariums are made to house tropical fish that you find around reefs in the ocean. These fish come in shapes sizes and colors that make a dramatic impact. The freshwater fish simply cannot compete with these natural beauties.

How To Grow Daphnia For The Aquarium Posted By : Alden Smith
The benefits of feeding live food to fish in a community tank are many: live food will improve vigor and color, and more closely resemble the food found in the fishs natural habitat. Live food is easily obtained.

How To Make Your Aquarium Attractive Posted By : George Adams
Imagine a fish tank that has nothing but fish in it! Boring, to say the least! To make your aquarium attractive, you need to accessorize it. There are all sorts of ornaments on offer in the market today. First, you need to take into account the size of your tank and the kind of effect you wish to create. Of course, the most important consideration would be the type of fish you wish to breed in your tank.

10 Tips For A Successful Betta Splendens Reproduction Posted By : Laurentiu Craciunas
Betta splendens is one of the most wanted fish in everyone's aquarium. Breeding Bettas is not hard, though you might face problems at spawning them. They are oviparous fish, the male builds a nest in which the eggs/fry are kept for few days under the strict care of the Betta male. If you follow the next advice, you have big chances to get nice results of your Betta fish spawning.

How To Determine The Sex of Discus Fish Posted By : Alden Smith
One of the biggest question asked of the discus breeder is "how do I determine the sex of my fish?" There are very few easy identifiable identifiers in this process. Here, we will discuss the methods used by some of the top breeders.

Aquarium Questions - Cleaning Your Aquarium? Posted By : Addison Ercanbrack
Cleaning your aquarium does not need complicated tools, supplies and processes. All you need are smooth-surface sponges, a small amount of glass cleaner and water. A small brush may also be used to clean your aquarium accessories. Soap may also be ideal to use instead of glass cleaner. Just be sure that whatever substance you use you clean thoroughly. As mentioned above, the cleaners may contaminate and damage your pet. So, be sure to rinse the aquarium well.

How to Buy The Right Aquarium Posted By : Kathy Strander
Aquariums are expensive and you may end up spending a lot of money for it. A smart buying exercise will help you get a good aquarium within reasonable price. Before you start looking for an aquarium it will be wise to know a few things. You should be clear as to the number of fish, type of fish and the kind of decor you would like to have.

Fresh Shellfish, What Will You Have For Dinner? Posted By : Shannon Linnen
Fresh shellfish is a wonderful thing to eat all year round. It includes clams, scallops, mussels and more. Farm-raised cultured mussels are fresh and readily available. Wild varieties are equally delicious. Clams are a very popular addition to pasta dishes. Hard clams, also called quahogs, live in sandy coves and can be caught when the tide is low. A great dish to enjoy with butter and garlic is stuffed quahogs. And, of course, there is always clam chowder!

Important considerations for setting up a Saltwater Aquarium Posted By : Roger Gordon
There is little in life as pleasing as the beauty of a fully outfitted, custom made saltwater aquarium and the aquatic residents that make it their home. The process of purchasing an aquarium is an easy one for many-after all, there are so many choice for the decorating of such a thing that they seem to be almost endless-but the process for establishing maximum utility and making the aquarium livable for its new residents is a bit more complicated.

Finding The Best Water For Your Fish Tanks and Aquariums Posted By : Anthony Sastre
Many fish keepers believe that if the water is not green or brown, fish can exist in it. People may get this mistaken belief from the fact that natural areas of water can periodically look polluted, yet fish thrive there. Nevertheless, natural areas of water have their own processes for providing fish the conditions they need while ridding harmful substances. Your tap water may be nontoxic to drink, but it is not nontoxic for fish to exist in. Tap water has chlorine, iron, and possibly small portions of lead and copper. Tap water can also be too hard or soft for your fish, or consist of an abnormal pH. Luckily there are options to make your tap water appropriate for a fish aquarium, including other water selections.

Article-Express: Home And Family | Fish & Aquariums
The Living Jewels Posted By : Joseph Brown
Often referred to as swimming flowers, koi fish are one of the most popular fresh-water ornamental pond fish today. The word koi actually comes from the Japanese word koi, which means carp.

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