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Welcome to the Freedom Village Bird Mall.  This mall is designed to help you find bird products quickly and easily.  At this one mall you will be able to search several of the internet's major shopping sites.  Whether you are looking for supplies, toys or medicines for your pet bird, fine art prints or figurines of birds to decorate your home, a bird feeder for your garden, or books or DVDs about birds -- you will be able to find what you are looking for by using the search boxes and links found here. 
Eye Clear 4oz Bottle -- ( 1971) Eye Clear is used as an aid for eye cleansing and to eliminate ugly eye stains. It can be used on dogs, cats, birds and horses.
You can buy bird care products, books, magazines, guides, home decor items, art prints, bird watching and other products at  Use this search box to select the category you are interested in.

Decorative bird feeders, houses, baths, and hangers
Beautiful fine art prints, posters showing numerous birds.  Enter the kind of bird you would like to see (e.g., robin, bluebird), or the word "bird" in the search box.

Extensive selection of art prints of birds.  Use the "animals" subject on the site or the search box below.
Binoculars (Compact, Astronomy, Birding, Digital Camera Binoculars,   Hunting, Image Stabilized, General Use), Riflescopes, Night Vision, Spotting Scopes, Rangefinders, Tripods, Telescopes, Monoculars, Opera Glasses, Laser Sights, Trail Cameras, Unique & Interesting, SkyScout
Bayberry Gifts.
Outdoor and indoor bird house and bird feeders.
Framed Art:  Americana, Animal, Architecture, Children's Decor, Collections, Contemporary Art, Floral/Botanical, Food/Beverages, Garden, Landscapes, Motivational, Museum Art, Office/Corporate, Photography, Religion, Specials, Sports, Travel, University/College, Vintage, World Culture
Convert pictures of your pet bird into screen savers.
Direct For Sale
Online Shopping Mall:   Apparel, Appliances, Art, Automotive, Books, Collectibles, Computers, Crafts, Desserts, Electronics, Footwear, Fragrances, Games, Garden, Gifts, Headwear, Health, Hobbies, Jewelry, Kitchen, Luggage, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Home Office, Patio, Pets, Recreation, Sports, Toys, Watches
Videos and DVDs about birds, binoculars and telescopes for birdwatching
Extensive selection of products related to birds, including toys, bird care items, jewelry, feeders, wreaths, nesting boxes, perches, tents, etc.
Personalized watch with a picture of your pet bird on the face.
Birding:   Birdbaths, Birdhouses, Birdfeeders



Landscape USA.
Bird Feeders and Bird Houses
Northern Tool
Good selection of attractive birdhouses.
Online Sports
Major indoor and outdoor sports/recreation/fitness resource:  apparel, uniforms, equipment, gear, supplies, memorabilia, software, toys, books, magazines, videos, etc.  Includes birdwatching products.
Oriental Trading Company.
Bird houses, mini bird houses, bird marionette, bird whistles, bird calendars, bird pens, bird party favors, bird wind chimes, bird figurines, bird pinwheels
Sculptures, bird house, children's books, magazines, CDs, etc.  Enter the bird product or product category you want into the search box.
Pet Street Mall
The Freedom Village entrance to Pet Street Mall has links to interesting articles on birds, cats, dogs, fish, and other pets and animals.  Click above to visit!.
  • Pet Street Mall sells bird perches, cages, feeders, medications, and tons of other bird supplies.
Canary & Finch, Cockatiel & Lovebird, Conure & Small Parrot, Large Parrot, Parakeet, Wild Birds (Bird Baths & Garden Wildlife Accessories, Feeders, Food)
Medical:  Prescription, Non-prescription, Vaccines
Supplies:  Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Small Anima
Products:  Cages, Stands, Books, Magazines, Videos, Cage Accessories, Cleaning, Odor Control, Food, Dishes,  Medications, Supplies, Perches, Ladders, Toys, Treats.  Information:  Luv-a-pet, Ask the Vet, Pet Library, Breed Guide, Feeding & Health, Housing, Your New Bird
Bird houses, bird feeders, bird pest control, home decor items (e.g., sculptures, posters, table lamps),  books, guides.  See below a list of the categories that included products in some way related to birds!  Use the search box to find the product you want.

Housewares, Clothing & Accessories,  Pet Supplies, Toys & Games, Gifts & Occasions, Hobbies & Crafts,  Music, Jewelry & Watches, Remodeling & Building, Travel, Videos & DVDs ,Computers, Sports & Fitness, Business, Auto, Beauty, Software, Baby, Tools & Workshop, Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Shoes, Electronics, Video Games, Cameras & Optics
Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish Care, Reptile, Small Pets
Stacks and Stacks
Bird cages, Pet carriers
Decorative bird houses.
You can buy bird products at Walmart.
Home and Outdoor:  Bird Baths and Bird Feeders.
Wind & Weather
Bird Habitat, Birdfeeders, outdoor decor.
Pet Malls
Fish and Aquarium
Pet Information
Pet Supplies
Small Animals
Search Freedom Village for Products and Information
Note:  Retrieves only those pages indexed in Google.


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Here are articles related to birds.  The competence of individual authors varies.  They are for your information only.
. Animals | Pets | Birds
How to learn your Parrot to Talk Posted By : Zevs Borealis
In the wild, birds learn language by listening to other voices that sound like their own. If you imitate the tone of your bird's voice, you will increase the chance that the information is retained. So if you have a parakeet or a cockatiel than speak to the bird in a very high, squeaky voice. If you have a cockatoo, then it would be best to have a woman teach the birds words, since this type of bird has a smooth, female-like voice. Another great way to quickly teach your bird is to put it with other birds that speak. This is the most natural way for a bird to learn speech.

Three Thinghs to Keep in Mind when You Buy Parrot Toys Posted By : Ispas Marin
One day you finally decide to take a parrot in to your home as your beloved pet. Belive me that parrots are great pets. You will not regret choosing this little winged fellow top be your pet companion. So after you take the parrot you buy him a parrot cage and find out all the parrot care information that he needs to have a healthy life you should start thinking if he is happy.

The "Ferrari" Of Binoculars Posted By : Jonix Konios
Wooooooooow, it's the perfect word to describe this binocular. Like Ferrari is the "God" of cars, the MV-321B Generation 3 is the "God" of binoculars.

Birds of a Feather Posted By : Deanna Mascle
Ten multiple choice trivia questions about birds

Do Clicker Training Really Work with My Parrot? Posted By : Zevs Borealis
Clicker training is a gentle way to communicate with your bird. Clicker training has been used to train all types of animals and has also proven successful for birds. Basically, you help your parrot understand what you want from it in a playful manner. The goal as the trainer is to be the authority figure without complete domination. Animals | Bird Watching
Things to Check Before Going Birding Posted By : Nomad Rick
If you enjoy bird watching, sooner or later you are going to be heading out on field trips. While they can be a blast, there are a couple of things to check up on before you head out.

The Birds You Might See In Arkansas Posted By : Lin Stone
The birds listed here are the most common ones you MIGHT find in Arkansas throughout the entire year. The list is in alphabetical order instead of being arranged by groups. Remember that birds vary by habitat. For example: Ducks will always be found near water. The more water there is, the more ducks there might be. Geese prefer to graze AND have water nearby. They are more likely to be found in open fields, preferably GRAIN fields.

Bird Watching Food to Attract Birds Posted By : Nomad Rick
Bird watching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country. To obtain sightings, you can either go to the birds or try to bring them to you.

Things To Take When Bird Watching Posted By : Nomad Rick
Once you get hooked on bird watching, you will start getting up early and heading out on field trips. You will see have some tremendous sightings, but you need to take some things will you.

The City of Phoenix Posted By : Silvio Ibanez
In the United States a major city has been named after the magical, mythical bird that was a part of legends of long ago. This city has kept alive the phoenixs legend and a whole lot of popular books and movies have been made about this resurrecting bird. Even the phenomenally successful "Harry Potter" series includes the bird into characters and plots.

Sketch To Improve Your Bird Watching Skills Posted By : Nomad Rick
Read most guides on bird watching and you will be inundated with information on binoculars and photographing. With birding, sketching is a better way to go.

Bird Watching is a recreation anyone can enjoy at anytime of the year Posted By : Robert W. Benjamin
Learn about bird watching, and how you can attract your favorite birds.

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