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Outsourcing in the News KindleStore: Corporate Outsourcing
The Unholy Trinity: How The Greed of Wall Street, Corporate America, and The United States Congress is Destroying America and The Middle Class For more than a generation, Wall Street, Corporate America, and The United States Congress have engaged in a systematic dismantling of our country and the American Middle Class.

Their greed has taken over our society and our government. Wall Street now controls our economy through their investment strategies and their ownership of Corporate America and Congress. Through political campaign contributions and lobbying, they have control over and influence the passage of legislation in the United States.

A “government of the people, for the people, by the people” no longer exists. It’s now a government of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich. Our government is controlled by the wealthy and the elite. They’re creating a battle of the “haves” and the “have not’s.”

Author: Dan Ashley
Kindle Edition: 151 pages Kindle eBook
Company: Dan Ashley (2011-12-20) (2011-12-20)
List Price:
Amazon Price:
Just the FACTS101 e-Study Guide for: Global Outsourcing and Offshoring : An Integrated Approach to Theory and Corporate Strategy Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.

Author: Cram101 Reviews, Farok Contractor
Kindle Edition: Kindle eBook
Company: Cram101 (2012-01-05) (2012-01-05)
List Price:
Amazon Price:
Virtual-Telecommute Agents Best How-To Guide & Job Leads (GottaWorkFromHome) See Why Lifetime Television's The Balancing Act Morning Show Has My WorkFromHome Job Leads And Invited Me To Appear.

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Author: Alan K Cobbs
Kindle Edition: 13 pages Kindle eBook
Company: Alan K. Cobbs (2011-03-04) (2011-03-04)
List Price: $3.99
Amazon Price:
The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting The most comprehensive and authoritative review of B-School fundamentals—from  top accounting and finance professors  

For years, the Portable MBA series has tracked the core curricula of leading business schools to teach you the fundamentals you need to know about business-without the extreme costs of earning an MBA degree. The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting covers all the core methods and techniques you would learn in business school, using real-life examples to deliver clear, practical guidance on finance and accounting. The new edition also includes free downloadable spreadsheets and web resources.

If you’re in charge of making decisions at your own or someone else’s business, you need the best information and insight on modern finance and accounting practice. This reliable, information-packed resource shows you how to understand the numbers, plan and forecast for the future, and make key strategic decisions. Plus, this new edition covers the effects of Sarbanes-Oxley, applying ethical accounting standards, and offers career advice.

    • Completely updated with new examples, new topics, and full coverage of topical issues in finance and accounting—fifty percent new material
    • The most comprehensive and authoritative book in its category
    • Teaches you virtually everything you'd learn about finance and accounting in today's best business schools

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own business or you already have and just need to brush up on finance and accounting basics, this is the only guide you need.

Author: Theodore Grossman, John Leslie Livingstone
Kindle Edition: 624 pages Kindle eBook
Company: Wiley (2009-10-08) (2009-10-08)
List Price: $34.95
Amazon Price:
Justification for Outsourcing (Lance Winslow Corporate Business Series - Outsourcing) A collection of hard-hitting and critical comments for those who condemn outsourcing. This eBook is designed for students and political pundits who often do not understand the arguments on both sides of the issue. Yes, this Kindle book is very controversial, you may curse it as you read, you may agree with other parts, but since this is a highly charged political issue, there are things in this Kindle book you need to be thinking about. The topics include:

1. Reconsidering Your Views on Outsourcing
2. The Choice to Move the Corporation
3. Outsourcing to Independent Service Contractors
4. Liquid Nutritionals Contract Manufacturing
5. Contract Manufacturing – Finding the Best
6. Private Label Products – Case Study
7. Tied to the Hip – One Corporate Customer Vendor
8. 2010 Trends in Outsourcing
9. Information Control Realities
10. Splitting Orders with Multiple Suppliers
11. International Outsourcing Uptick
12. Outsourcing and Payment Performance Obligations
13. Productivity – Make it Or Buy It
14. Why Not Outsource Our Government?
15. Outsourcing Risks in Global Economic Meltdowns
16. Small Business Health Care Mandates and Offshoring
17. Should the USPS Outsource?
18. Unions Blocking Outsourcing
19. Outsourcing Our Infrastructure
20. International Conglomerates Must Outsource
21. Insourcing Trends
22. Modernization of Clean Industries in China
23. Outsourcing with Respect to the American Worker
24. Outsourcing Your Franchise Sales Team
25. Look Who is Outsourcing Now
26. Outsourcing Facilities Maintenance
27. Outsourcing and Unions
28. Outsourcing to Companies Hiring Illegal Aliens
29. Outsourcing Cleaning Services
30. Fleet Vehicle Outsourced Services
31. FBO Outsourcing
32. Illegal Aliens Versus Outsourcing
33. Short Term and Long-Term Benefits
34. Outsourcing to China
35. Mail Order Fulfillment
36. Case Study: Staples Versus Office Depot
37. Outsource the Government to India?
38. Are We Worried About Outsourcing Yet?
39. Expect the Trends to Continue
40. Academic Coordination with Corporations
41. Academic Capture of Foreign Students
42. Under 5% Unemployment and Outsourcing
43. Condemnation of Outsourcing – Is It Justified?
44. Research on Outsourcing Needed
45. Why Do Companies Outsource?
46. Labor Unions Upset – Anger Management Needed?
47. Political Rhetoric on Outsourcing
48. Chinese Production Quality Questioned
49. 2007 Case Study and Trends – A Look Back
50. Electronics Manufacturing
51. American Workers Blame China – Is that Legitimate?

Author: Lance Winslow
Kindle Edition: Kindle eBook
Company: Online Think Tank Virtual Press (2012-01-11) (2012-01-11)
List Price:
Amazon Price:
Dreaming of Nixon: The Realpolitik of Economic Globalization (Essay) (Harvard Perspectices in Political Economics) Essay, about 2,000 words. Stephen Windwalker's elegantly written essay deconstructs the xenophobic underpinnings of popular political responses to economic outsourcing, immigration issues, and border control, and makes a cogent argument for a globalization strategy that balances free trade with an international approach to labor organizing.

Author: Stephen Windwalker
Kindle Edition: 10 pages Kindle eBook
Company: Harvard Perspectives Press (2008-03-10) (2008-03-10)
List Price: $2.99
Amazon Price:
An Easy Out: Corporate America's Addiction to Outsourcing

Outsourcing is as controversial as ever in today's globalized world. But for all the noise about it in the media, whether reflecting the perspectives of labor, business, consultants, academics, employees, or protestors, there is far more emotion surrounding the benefits and drawbacks of the trend than there is common sense. Not only are these messages from different constituents polarizing, they are also confusing because they muddy the waters regarding corporate performance. Buffington clarifies the role of outsourcing in business today so that Americans can focus on something that really matters—real increases in productivity and competitiveness in a global economy. In most cases, he contends, neither outsourcing nor its close cousin, offshoring, are effective as a means to their intended end. Moreover, he points out, Americans focus a lot of negative energy on offshoring, not realizing that domestic outsourcing might be more harmful to our economy in the long run. Corporations lack awareness of this distinction, according to Buffington, and therefore they don't know which should be implemented in what circumstances. That ignorance is not only an obstacle for any company seeking to implement a successful outsourcing strategy, but it is also a dire threat to the long-term growth of the American economy.

Buffington demonstrates that outsourcing often functions as an easy out for corporations that are reluctant to look instead at the root causes of their problems, whether low productivity, lack of innovation, or an unwillingness to invest in marketing, promotion, and sales. The reason that corporations aren't focusing on these core issues has a historical element as much as an evolutionary one within a global economy; the divisions today between workers and management are as sharp as they were back in the early 20th century, Buffington argues. But as much as we have to learn from the past about the impact of worker/management relations on worker productivity, we have even more to learn about all aspects of the productivity puzzle. Corporate productivity, or lack thereof, drives the success or failure of outsourcing or offshoring more than the act itself, according to Buffington. This book challenges business leaders to find their productivity and only then to make outsourcing decisions. This approach will work for corporations, consulting firms, outsourcers, and in the end, customers themselves. A more productive, worker-manager friendly business environment will lead to greater U.S. productivity, and therefore, more effective outsourcing/offshoring decisions.

Author: Jack Buffington
Kindle Edition: 200 pages Kindle eBook
Company: Praeger (2007-10-30) (2007-10-30)
List Price: $24.98
Amazon Price:
CFO Insights: Achieving High Performance Through Finance Business Process Outsourcing Many CFOs have led their companies to invest in ERP and shared services in order to create leaner, more global organization structures. Today, they seek more radical transformation through business process outsourcing (BPO). CFO Insights is a practical, comprehensive guide to this exciting, fast-growing field. It features expert advice from the CFOs of major companies worldwide, including BP, Procter & Gamble, Dell, and Exel. Step by step, it takes you through the stages of a successful outsourcing solution - from evaluating providers and contracting, through transition planning and risk management.

“We have seen cost reductions every year for each of the 13 years of our outsourcing experience – now, finally, we are seeing the outsourcing market mature. The advancement of multi-client centers will create new value. As new low cost centers spring up around the world I want to have easy access to the opportunities.”
—Ala n Eilles, CFO Downstream, BP

“Outsourcing is not about sitting still. On the one hand, as CFO, you have to be in control, and have the right control mechanisms in place. On the other, this is an evolving relationship where both parties feel empowered and energized to make a real difference in the business.”
—John Coghlan, Group Finance Director of Exel

“My view of the CFO’s role is relatively simple: How do you add value? The CFO has to be in the forefront in understanding, at a strategic level, the relative economics of different parts of the business model – and vitally play a decisive role in deciding what should be insourced and what should be outsourced.”
—Clayton Daley, CFO, Procter & Gamble

Author: Stewart Clements, Michael Donnellan, Cedric Read
Kindle Edition: 328 pages Kindle eBook
Company: Wiley (2004-07-12) (2004-07-12)
List Price: $75.00
Amazon Price:

Strategic Sourcing - Suppliers are from Mars, Customer are from Venus By applying Strategic Sourcing concepts, The Walt Disney Company realized $300 millions in annual savings, BellSouth improved its results by $1 billion, and IBM achieved 5% improvement in their margins. These are just a few of the many companies exploring the benefits of Strategic Sourcing, the next evolutionary step in Supply-Chain. Strategic Sourcing is a coordinated effort between the different areas of the organization and external partners. It helps companies to focus on the smart way of investing their resources. More than a guide for implementing Strategic Sourcing, this book talks about the importance of building strategic partnerships. At the end, you will realize that business relationships are not so different from personal ones.

Author: Murillo Xavier
Kindle Edition: 156 pages Kindle eBook
Company: (2010-03-16) (2010-03-16)
List Price: $4.99
Amazon Price:
HOW TO COPE WITH CORPORATE CULTURE CHANGE The book is about the application of a Business Process engineering anfd how the Management of a typical Nigerian bank was able to cope with the change process

The strategies and tactics to cope with the challenges that accompanied change implementation was discussed and explained plainly for future management of change in all Companies worldwide

Kindle Edition: Kindle eBook
Company: (2012-03-19) (2012-03-19)
List Price:
Amazon Price:

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