Intimacy gives both partners a lot of emotions. Men and women have the same pleasure from sex. So, desire decline refers to both sexes.

Woman’s libido is more complicated than man’s: it can disappear even if she loves her partner. Of course, sometimes it depends on partner’s behaviour, however, reasons are different. Some of the problems woman can solve herself, but sometimes she needs medical help.

If you had a sexual desire and then it’s gone – you need to think about it.

Hormonal disorder

The hormone, which is responsible for sexual desire is testosterone. Its number can decrease after childbirth or hormonal therapy, it may be the actual reason for libido decline.

Age and menopause

After menopause ovaries begin to function worse. The level of estrogen in blood decreases, it is the reason for vaginal dryness. Sexual intercourse becomes unpleasant.


Different diseases influence on libido very much: gynaecological, somatic, all of them could be the reason for your problem. Many sexual infections also turn usual intercourse into torment.

Bad habits

Alcoholism, drug addiction and smoking psychologically and neurophysically suppress libido– they reduce brain activity, which contains excitation and sexual desire.


This is a painful spasm of the vagina’s muscles. Usually, the reason of vaginismus have psychological character – being raped in the past and so on.

Psychological reasons

Psychological reasons could be different – tiredness, chronic stress, inexperience or fear to become pregnant, different stereotypes. An easy joke about excess weight or small chest could “kill” woman’s libido. Unfavourable situation and, of the cause, partner’s selfishness and untidiness.

The kind of treatment depends on reasons of the problem.

It is important to focus on your own reasons. If the reason is hormones – so you need hormonal therapy. Sometimes antidepressants and homoeopathic remedies and psychotherapy could be helpful. For example, remedies like generic female Viagra help to increase blood flow to the womb and libido. However, you might consult with your doctor before any treatment.