Many of us admit the same oversights when taking medications. But this affects their effectiveness and can even create an additional threat to health. What are the most common mistakes?
You mix drugs with food or drinks
Typically, the instructions have clear recommendations for taking the medicine: before, during meals or after. They must be observed, otherwise, the effectiveness of the drugs is reduced. And in some cases, the active ingredients of the drug can even enter into a chemical reaction with these or other components of the food, forming compounds whose effect on the body is unpredictable.
In addition, almost all medicines should not be mixed with alcohol.
You do not pay attention to the expiration date
Many take medications even after the expiration date, not paying attention to the date indicated on the package. This is very dangerous for health! Be careful!
You interrupt treatment
If you take the pill 2-3 days, we usually do not forget about it. But if the course is long, few people miss the time of reception, because I forgot, there was no time. The opposite situation is possible: you mechanically swallow the tablets, then forget about it and drink again. Well, if this is not a potent drug! Wrong drug taking can cause hair loss, propecia australia will save you from it.
To avoid problems, select your reminder method. Put medicines in a prominent place, put reminders on your phone or tablet, mark each appointment on the calendar or in the morning, lay out the right amount of the drug for the whole day in a special box containing the cells.
In addition, some discontinue treatment only after experiencing an improvement, or immediately after the disappearance of the underlying symptoms of the disease. But this does not mean that the disease is completely defeated! Be sure to go through the full course of treatment appointed by the doctor. And if the doctor prescribed you to drink some medicine for a week, you should do this, even if in three days you feel fine.
You drink the medicine with sweet tea
Or coffee, milk, juice… As a rule, all medicines should be washed down with plain drinking water, not with coffee, tea or sweet soda.
But there are exceptions: for example, some groups of drugs need to be washed down with milk or alkaline mineral water. This is written in the instructions, and the doctor must warn him.