When receiving push messages, the resource pushes new data to you. In this case, you immediately get the latest data because, in this technology, there is no certain period of data verification, they come online. Using pushes, you do not need to be notified. Through push technology, you can, for example, synchronize data if it is updated.

Push notifications – what are they?

Today, many websites offer to sign up for push notifications. And every day, there are more and more such sites.

Push notifications are short messages that come directly to the desktop. Such a message usually contains a site icon and a text field. In rare cases, there is a large picture and buttons added to it. When you click on this message, you will be taken to the specified page of the site that sent the notification.

The name of this technology literally means – to push. When sending a message, the website throws the installed texts and pictures in the company-producers of browsers, such as Google. After that, using the push, this message is delivered to your browser, which displays its contents on the screen. It should be noted that you do not need to leave any personal data, which makes this channel extremely safe.

Push is a new channel that allows websites to send you information about news, special offers or simply to report on the status of order execution.

Here are some examples of notifications that send out by websites:

  • Travel agencies can offer you the most favorable offers
  • Jewelry companies can tell about new products or share interesting facts
  • Airlines can notify about the status of the flight, to which you have registered

The push message technology is a new era of communication between sites and you. By signing up once, you will always be up to date with the latest news on the resource.

Push messages have a number of properties:

  • They come regardless of whether you are on the site or not, delivered instantly, and your subscription cannot be used on other resources, unlike electronic messages.
  • It is as easy to unsubscribe from push notifications as allowing to receive them.

Browser messages are a great tool for modern marketing, which is extremely safe for the user. The technology prevents spam from entering the message channel. But you need to be selective and allow notifications only for those sites whose content you are interested in or useful.

Following just three simple rules and using a reliable push ads network for effective push notifications, you can keep the loyalty of your audience, and your messages will always be welcome on the subscriber’s desktop.