Confiding in the first search result on “broking services” can be dangerous and unwise. The specialist you will cooperate with should become not only your biggest pillar in the financial world but a diligent and resourceful trading assistant.

Nowadays too many brokers with fixed spread add to real flotation their own “extras.” Thus, for a trader who does business on regular basis, paying commission fees is not profitable.  It’s better to place your stake on brokers which provide trader low spread with actual inter-bank flotation – this will bring a considerable reduction of costs.

Moreover, you need to take into account the broker’s commission while doing the calculations. A good broker can provide high efficiency along with minimal expenses and low spread.


How to choose a reliable Forex broker?

Firstly, you need to study closely which opportunities are offered and compare it with your own perception of trading. It’s vital to understand that even a good broker can not a well-proven broker cannot guarantee a positive outcome of the trading deal if his strategy does not meet your requirements.

Secondly, you should remember that a good broker will always take care of technical support. Make sure that the essence of all operations is explained to you in easy words.

By what special features do the best brokers on Forex are marked?

–    They’ve been the market for about 5 years;

–    They have a huge client base;

–    They use progressive software;

–    They have positive feedback from other traders.

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