Moving is a difficult process, there are issues and nuances which not always can be considered and avoided in advance. Especially when it comes to the office moving. So if you want to get rid of being directly involved into moving to follow here. Otherwise, read below.
So there are several stages of the moving process:
The agreement with the new lessor;
Preparation for moving;
Finding the company which will transport you;
Internet / telephony;
Arranging employees. Fight for places;
The first day at the new office.
Here are several recommendations when dealing with new lessor from the person who doesn’t possess legal education, but has experience in solvation of questions under agreements:
Always attentively read the agreement! All additional points and small font don’t play basic value only at first sight.
When something seems unclear, address the lawyer better. If the professional consultant reaches a deadlock or considers that in the agreement there are a lot of doubtful requirements, just don’t sign it and look for the new lessor.
Pay attention to the terms of the agreement and a condition of its prolongation. Most often you shall notify in writing the lessor in 3 months prior to the termination of the term of the agreement.
State in the agreement conditions of increase in a rental rate which shall be adequate and profitable to you. Not more often than 1 time a year, on the amount which isn’t exceeding the X USD or %.
Pay attention to agreement cancelation options because many lessors aren’t eager to return security payment or consider it for the last months of your lease.
Don’t sign the agreement promptly no matter how seductive it looked.
After the agreement is signed and the date of moving is designated, there comes time to tell all employees when and where you move, it is desirable to show all photos of future office. You, of course, can surprise employees later. But you remember that rumors will spread, and keeping people misinformed is extremely risky from the point of view of motivation.
The first that you need to make is to appoint responsible for sites. Let the system administrator resolve an issue with the Internet, telephony, server affairs, and computers. The accounts department is engaged in the packaging of documents and agreements. And so on… It is necessary to establish accurate deadlines so that there were no surprises in the day of moving.