The Mineralt developers always keep an ear to the ground and know the changes in cryptocurrency rate. They compare the most profitable coins and do everything for integrating this currency to scripts. In March Electroneum was much expensive than Monero so the option of mining new coins appeared.

How to change the currency

There’s a special manual for everyone who wants to change Monero to Electroneum. The steps are simple: create new traffic sources, fill in its name to a special box and choose the necessary cryptocurrency by pressing on the “Coin” button. Then you’ll need to copy a new script and to integrate it to your platform. Easy mining in browser

Mining Electreoneum on a smartphone

Creators of this currency have introduced a mobile miner. For earning you are to download an app if your smartphone operates on Android. Mineralt added its functionality and you can use it for mining Electroneum in a browser.

What to choose – Elextroneum App or Mineralt

Of course, the official app is 25-30% faster but there are reasons why Mineralt is better. First of all, web administrators don’t have to download a new app. Secondly, there are no limits for any type of device, and you can use the script both on computer and smartphone. Finally, there are no restrictions for an operating system. While Electroneum app works only on Android, Mineralt is available on Windows, for example.

So you see that Mineralt is developing all the time and offers more and more features. Using this script on your platform can give you a lot of benefits and boost the incomes in the most cost-efficient cryptocurrency.