It’s very easy to call something “best” offering some mediocre products and services. Let’s look at Bestmixer and decide whether it deserves this name or not. We’ll analyze its features, fees and everything they have on the website.

Does it have extraordinary principals of working?

If you look at the main Bestmixer functions, you won’t be surprised. As any other mixer it takes your coins, randomly mixes them with others and give them back. In the end, there’re no names and addresses so it’s almost impossible to find out the users’ personal information. There’s nothing special. Best bitcoin tumbler

Does it cost less than others?

The prices are really pleasant. The minimum fee for any coin you’ve chosen is 0,5% which isn’t much. The maximum price depends on the following factors: the type of coin, the number of them and the currency occupancy of cryptocurrency network. So, for Bitcoin the maximum is 0,00007691 BTC, for Litecoin is 0,00053656 LTC and for Bitcoin Cash – 0,0000029 BCH.

And don’t forget about the discounts which depend on the amount of currency:
– 0,1-1 coins – 10%
– 1-10 coins – 20%
– 10-50 coins – 30%
– 50-100 coins – 40%
– 100 coins and more – 50%
So if you mix a lot and choose the right time it’s really cheap.

What is more?

– You can adjust almost everything: the transfer delay, the reserves for mixing and the mixing strength meter.
– An option of integrating Bestmixer’s API to any platform for free.
– 24/7 support and an understandable FAQ answering all possible questions.
– After every mixing users get a letter if guarantee.
Bestmixer is really one of the best mixer services. To decide who the first among them is it’s necessary to try all of them.