Do you want to earn on cryptocurrency? So then you should choose which coin is the most profitable. Read our recommendations and everything you should know about ICO Catalog.

If you are thinking about earning on cryptocurrency, there’s a service just for you. Today we’ll tell the main steps to start getting money on tokens. The main focus is on the process of choosing the most profitable ICO from a huge variety of them.

Step 1: Choose a source of information

To follow all changes in a crypto world it’s useless to read some doubtful websites where “experts” share their opinion. That’s why we recommend looking at the initial coin offering, at the service which is called ICO Catalog. It’s a platform which rates different coins. The categories the authors take into account are traffic, backlinks, evaluation, activity and etc. All in all, there are 293 names of tokens.

Step 2: Study the website

Comparing one coin with another isn’t the only thing which helps to reach the best result. Open ICO Catalog to understand how much time there’s to work with a chosen crypto. And one more thing which is important to mention is an “Articles” section. It’ll be useful to know a little bit more about crypto, especially, if you’re new to it.

Step 3: Create your own coin

The mentioned website allows users to add their own coins to the list. Just open a special section and fill in all personal data and details about the tokens.

We find it great that there’s a site like It saves not only time but money because you won’t lose them after investing in unreliable coin. And what’s your opinion on this?