When Leonardo da Vinci lived in Milan he created his most famous pictures, which are interesting for people nowadays. Story of Leonardo da Vinci as a popular artist started there. We’ll study them in order to analyze the main motives in his artworks and their evolution. Everything will be important, from color to, at the first sight, absolutely unimportant details.

“The Madonna Litta” was created in Milan too. Leonardo da Vinci reached out for the generality and perfection of characters. On the picture was painted not a specific moment, as he did before, but a long condition of calmness and gladness. The woman depicted in the picture was in this condition when she fed her baby. Pay attention to two symmetrical windows on the background. Cold and bright light illuminates the mother’s body. The picture was painted with tempera, which added the resonance to the blue dress shield and red dress. Baby’s hair is very natural, he is very serious and his eyes are not childish.

Another monumental artwork, “The Last Supper” (1495-1497) has an absolutely different mood. A huge wall-painting occupies all space on the wall. In the picture, you can see a great number of emotions, which Apostles show: desperation, fear, puzzlement, anger. The feelings can be shown with the help of different techniques. Da Vinci divides people into groups, uses dark and light colors to make it obvious who is a betrayer, the gestures are also very expressive. This fresco was destroyed many times, its destiny is very hard so we do not know how the real picture looked like.

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